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Why We Exist.

Here we are...

My family ran America's largest independent retailer in America called Sam's Wines and Spirits.  We were the biggest in terms of volume, size and sales. I began as a cashier and finished my career as CEO. We were Wine Spectator Retailer of the Year 2x and Wine Enthusiast Retailer of the Year once.  One thing totally clear to me was that sales people from  the distributors were tripping over each other to place brands with our company.  

After selling I went to PricewaterhouseCoopers and lead the Adult Beverage division as partner.  We wrote the shelf set for the likes of Target stores and 7-11. One thing was clear as well was that the big boys of the game;  LVMH,  Moet, and the Diageo's all get A+ treatment at retail and rightfully so.  

Than I went to Trade Marketing at Anheuser-Busch and learned how the smaller brands are struggling for shelf space and share of mind.  


BevStrat was born!

We hired the best people for our corporate team, people from Palm Bay, Southern, LVMH, and SGWS so we had strong industry knowledge.  Than we hired the best sales people we could find from Wine Warehouse, YMCO, SGWS, Empire and the like.

We made it our mission to help the smaller brand <100,000 9L cases sell, create pull and market in cities all over America.  Big distribution is slammed with commitments, obligations and KPI's that you, the smaller brand, cannot compete with!  You do not yet have the sales and the marketing support to get the attention you need. The distributors will tell you that themselves.

The times are now that a brand, whether it is wine, beer or spirits needs to take the sales and marketing piece of selling and outsource it.  There is no other way to survive.

We at BevStrat work for you.  We support you.  We believe that the smaller brand is the back bone of the independent retailers path to survival and success.

Happy Selling!  Brian Rosen, President, BevStrat Inc

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Wine Sales Spirit Sales Beer Sales BevStrat