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Strategy and Selling Teams for your Wine, Beer and Spirit Brand- Nationally

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What Independent Brands need

Business Channels

Phase I - Brand Development

Compliance Work

Brand Registration 

Label and Bottle Creation

Route to Market 

Pricing Strategy


Trade Marketing

Social Media Support 

Phase II - Boots on the Ground Sales Teams

Ground Sales Network

Inside Sales & Analytics Team 

Outside Sales persons

CRM Access and Route Data

Full Account List of Sales Calls

Distributor Management

Goto Market Strategy

Phase III - Implementation and Execution

Tasting Programs

Promotion Programs

Special Events for Brands

Account Management 

Ratings and Scores

All setting up your brand for long term success

Small Brands Need Sales Help To Compete.

What Clients Are Saying:

We can’t say enough positive things about our experience thus far with Brian Rosen and the whole BevStrat team. From getting our brand on the streets with a team of unbelievable sales people, to consultation on every decision,  Not to mention the information and tracking they provide in the process. The team has kept in contact with us every step of the way. We couldn’t have launched without them!

-Kate Cullen, Party Animal Vodka


Our experience with BevStrat has been very positive. We direct many of our clients to them for their strong approach, to what can be a difficult and complex marketplace. BevStrat gets it done.

-Jeff Hopmayer, Partner Brindiamo Group 

My experience with Bevstrat has been exceptional. The ability to put feet on the street in multiple markets, and for a reasonable cost, has changed our business dramatically. Our distributors are happy to see us support our brands, and they welcome the additional help on the streets. I would strongly recommend Bevstrat services to any new or existing brand looking to expand their reach in the market place. I don’t know how a brand could come to market without them.

-Nick Capriccio, Vikera Tequila

What Clients Are Saying:


It is with much enthusiasm that I am writing to recommend the strategy and sales services of BevStrat Inc. for our spirit company.  Brian Rosen has set up a well-staffed organization that is very prompt in analyzing a small Craft Distillery’s distribution needs, helps strategize route to market. They have a very dynamic team of experienced professionals who work the On and Off premises accounts and are able to present a product to the right set of buyers. The BevStrat team is very hands on and believes in prompt and courteous communications with both the supplies as well as the buyers to ensure a seamless operation of the brand.

- 4 Pines Brewery -Australia

BevStrat did some solid work for us in Texas, targeting accounts and getting sales results at street level that ultimately helped improve our distribution profile in several areas of the state. We found them to use a good system backed by good  street level sales people. 

-Jim Doehring, Back Pack Wine Co.


I am very happy to recommend the services of BevStrat. Working with Brian Rosen has been a pleasure, his willingness to be frank and have open conversations is truly appreciated. As a small brand owner we are looking forward to growing our brand with him.

-Bert Gallagher, Jr., Co-Founder EQUALITY vodka

The Benefit of Our Sales Teams

Warehouse + Logistic Partners

Distributor Partners & More

Company Leadership

Brian Rosen, President

Brand Development/ USA Strategy

Aimee Lawler, Accounting/ Marketing

Michael Lambiase, North American Sales Director

Casper DeLeon, Data Analytics/ Call Center

Erin Duffy, Supplier Relationship Manager

What We Offer

On The Ground Selling

Through our salespeople (not brokers) we manage and sell your brands into targeted accounts nationally

Marketing Services

Creation of sell sheets, marketing documents and POS material

Distributor Management

Management of local, regional and national distributors for optimal sell thru for your brand

Tasting Programs

Liquid to lips is the best way to sell goods.  We program that with the account and brand

Brand Data

Offering a full compliment of data that can support the brand owner with SKU creation, market planning and strategy

Tracking and Control

Through our tracking and CRM software, we can provide near realtime views of how your brand is doing in a given market

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